Discover the quarters!

We have designed different running routes to discover the best of each area of our city.

1. Choose your speed: Jogging, Running or Trial Running? Everybody is ready to join us. Our speed will be adapted to your fitness.

Jogging Running Trail Running
Level Easy (Non-Runners) Intermediate (Casual Runners) Hard (Experienced Runners)
Distance 4-6 Km | 2.5 - 3.7 mi 5-7 Km | 3.1-4.3 mi > 10 Km | > 6.2 mi
Prices 1-2 Runners: 35€ Total
3-5 Runners: 15€ per person
+ 5 runners: 12€ per person
1-2 Runners: 35€ Total
3-5 Runners: 15€ per person
+ 5 runners: 12€ per person
1-2 Runners: 40€ Total
3-5 Runners: 17€ per person
+ 5 runners: 15€ per person

2. Decide from the menu below which quarter you want to visit. During the route we will stop twice for a break. We will give you some tips of our local history, particularities of the places and anecdotes of the quarter.

3. Contact us through our Booking Form. No payments are needed in advance. We trust you!

4. We will confirm with the meeting point, date and time by e-mail.

5. Payments are done in cash at the end of the route.

Route I. Horta

Horta is in one of the most important valleys in Barcelona located between Collserola and Rovira hill. The quarter is the latest village to be united to the metropolitan plan of the new Barcelona at the beginning of the XX century. This village, rich in water, was a land of farms, laundry services and the second residence of the Catalan upper classes who left from the smoke and noise of the big city to find the peace in this privileged area. This neighbourhood has become an area of contrast between the past and the present. For these reasons it remains a pleasure to discover their charming streets and hidden gardens.

Route II. Gràcia

On the top of Passeig de Gràcia we find the well known neighbourhood of Gràcia. This traditional, lovely and cheerful area became part of Barcelona by the end of the XIX century and still maintains the village ambiance of it roots. This neighbourhood is very alive, it has gorgeous squares, several cultural partnerships and a few resident entities that add to its vibrant character. Gràcia also has some sparkling stylish boutiques and is renowned for it’s night life. In addition to the trendy nature of Gràcia it is also quarter steeped in folklore with a large elderly population which makes for a sweet and quirky mix. Running around Gràcia means entertainment and inter-generational work out.

Route III. Poble Sec - Montjuïc

Poble Sec is located behind the Barcelona industrial harbour and is one of the gate entrances of Montjuïc mountain. This was an industrial and working class residential area. The universal exhibition during the first half of XX century transformed the neighbourhood completely. Poble sec is a quiet quarter with tiny streets and cute squares. In fact, today, it’s a very desirable area for the young generations as it is inexpensive, calm and very central. There are many cultural centres (museums, theatres, concert halls...). Poble Sec also boasts a large green area known as park of Montjuic. It makes this spot ideal for sport lovers.

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