Who are we?

We are two young natives of Barcelona, and as sports lovers, we want to offer another vision of our city in motion. Our motivation for this project is to share our passion for Barcelona. We aim to become part of the cultural and sport on offer.


Interests: Martina loves outdoors sports, adventures and travelling around the world. She is a marathon runner and an expert mountain biker. She likes to finish her trainings with a good swim in the beach of Barceloneta. Martina is a runner of Club Atletisme de Serrat, and a volunteer guide for visually impaired and blind skiers at ONCE.
Background: Law graduate from the Univ. Barcelona. Currently studying a Master in New Technologies and Communications. She also works in Intellectual Property law.
Location: Born in the district of Gràcia. She currently resides in Poble Sec.


Interests: Jofre is a lively person who loves to travel and learn about different cultures. He loves history and all sorts of sports: running, skiing, swimming, hiking and outdoor activities.
Background: Social Worker Graduate from the Univ. Barcelona. He is also a qualified ski instructor. During the winter season he works in a ski resort in the Catalan Pyrenees.
Location: Born in Barcelona. Native to the Gràcia quarter where he still lives today.


Interests: Arnau is overall a mountain lover, where he thinks, is the perfect place to find the best of ourselves. Hinking, climbing, skiing, and running are, for him,only a way to aproach the essence of these huge and solitaire places. Although, as an architect and urbanist he understands that cities are also huge and complexe places, that need a dinamic point of view to be understood, and so: he loves running in the city.
Background: Now finishing his studies in architecture (ETSABarcelona), and working in the urbanism department of AMB (Area Metropolitana de Barcelona). Arnau also worked as a ski and snowboard teacher, as well as many jobs related to architecture.
Location: Native to Penitents neighbourhood, long time living in Horta, and currently staying in Sants.

What we do?

Footing is a city running tour adventure suited to everyone. As we go by foot we are environmentally friendly. During our routes we stop twice to give you some tips about our local history. With our routes you will enjoy Barcelona at your own pace and from the unique perspective of a city runner! Learn how to be a local in Barcelona. Enjoy discovering the different quarters. Reach a vantage point to see the beauty of this ancient city. Take a breath and dive into the charming squares. Jog in narrow and historical streets. Get lost in hidden corners and gorgeous spots that this magical city offers you.

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