What is a Footing Barcelona route?
A Footing Barcelona route is a sightseeing track that takes place with a local runner, and involves jogging/running through the streets, squares, coast or perhaps some spectacular hills and mountains. Footing Barcelona organises group itineraries or personalized routes.

Do I need to be a usual runner?
The type and length of running route you book will dictate the fitness level you need. Our itineraries are not about speed, but you need to be able to complete the distance comfortably. We can always complete the route walking. Consider this if you are a non-runner or novice.

What if I can’t keep up?
We will run to your personal pace, and you can slow down, run, or walk whenever you want to. Larger groups will always be accompanied by two guides, so that we can split the group according to the speed.

What will I need to wear on the day?
You should wear clothing that you know you are comfortable running in. Regarding footwear, we are not convinced about the benefits of expensive running shoes, but again, you should have footwear that will protect your feet, and cause you no suffering. Summer is warm enough to wear only a t-shirt but in winter it’s necessary to carry a wind-stopper or something similar with you.

What if it rains?
Footing Barcelona will still continue in all weathers unless there is an obvious safety risk like snow/ice, severe rain. If the weather is severe we may decide to postpone the route and invite you to come back later that day or on another day. Even if the weather is bad, turn up at the specified meeting point on time and we will advise you.

How and When do I pay for the route?
Payments are always done in cash at the end of the route. Our company is based on each other’s trust.

How to find my way at the end of the route?
At the end of the route we will take care of you and will give you the necessary directions and advice.

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